The Most Realistic AI Chat Experience In The Universe

We are on a mission to make AI chatbots look, talk and sound real.

Unparalleled Chat Experience

Our AI-powered chatbots provide industry-leading conversational skills that immerse you in realistic chats with clones of people and characters.

Explore Dopples
Chat with DopplesA fun and engaging way to connect with your favorite AI-powered characters.
Emoji Bot
Dad Jokes
Thousands of Dopples to choose fromThere are thousands of Dopples to chat with, with more being created by our community daily.
Customizeable experienceMake your chat experience personalized with themes, settings and more.
Advanced Image GenerationOur proprietary AI models can generate images from conversational context, enriching the chat experience.Explore Dopples
Advanced image generation inside chatsDopples can send you images, with accurate environments, emotion and consistent styles.
Unparalleled image qualityOur image generation models keep the theme, style and personality of the Dopple alive, making for an even more immersive chat experience.
Cutting-Edge Voice
Messages & Calling
Hear your Dopples speak through voice messages and also real-time voice calling.Explore Dopples
Receive voice messages & audio transcriptionDopples can send you voice messages and read you their texts live, creating a more immersive experience.
Talk on the phone with DopplesUsing our two-way conversational technology, you can speak in real-time over phone call and voice chat to your Dopples.
Powered by Dopple AI LLMDopple's internally-developed LLM powers the Dopple chatbots and platform.Explore Dopples
Fine-tuned for engaging conversationsDopple’s fine-tuned LLM models were engineered for the sole purpose of creating engaging dialogue and conversations with users.
Preferred by users over competitor modelsIn a blind study across over 1,000 users, Dopple’s LLM was the most preferred model compared to competitor LLMs.
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